We are a full service property management company 

offering complete packages and a la carte services.

About us

SingleSource is a family owned and experienced, full service property management and maintenance service company located in Western Pennsylvania.

We work with commercial, industrial and residential property owners managing day-to-day issues that typically confront the owners and their tenants. Effective real estate management and building maintenance are critical to avoiding larger problems and protecting owners’ investments. Property owners do not always have the time or knowledge on how to best maintain their real estate investment. Our attention to detail and responsive service keep owner and property management problems to a minimum. The SingleSource service is geared toward improving your bottom line while decreasing the stress and aggravations associated with managing multiple properties. Equally important to our business are our partnerships with other property managers to fill gaps in service areas on an a la carte basis.

Why Work with SingleSource Management Services


Providing an all-inclusive package or an a la carte list of property management services, we work with commercial, industrial, and residential property owners. Often, investment is the core competency of a property owner. They want to hand off the day to day responsibilities of being a landlord to a reliable and competent property management company. SingleSource is prepared to help owners achieve their goal and help owners solve the problems that cause them the most concern.


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Property Managers

An important part of our business model is working with other property management firms and real estate agencies that manage real estate investments. We will customize the relationship to fill gaps in your service areas, and/or to resolve problem areas with your clients.

We provide maintenance and build-out services to over 100 properties managed by numerous realtors in Western Pennsylvania.



Property Management

SingleSource offers a complete facility management list of services.

From contracting and maintenance to leasing and accounting, we approach everything we do from an owner’s perspective to ensure the highest standard of services.

Our services may be contracted separately or bundled into a comprehensive property management agreement.

SingleSource offers owners several options including:

  • Full Service Facility Management
  • Providing a Point Person Dedicated to Both Landlords and Tenants
  • Contract Services for Janitorial, Lot Sweeping, Landscaping, Trash Removal, Snow Plowing, and more
  • Leasing Compliance and Renewal
  • Full Service Accounting, Bill Payment, and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Reconciliation

 Property Evaluation and Rent Determination

Perform detailed documentation of the interior and exterior including photos

  • Offer recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements that maximize monthly rent while providing positive Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Gather data on rental rates in the area and work with owners to determine the optimal rental rate for your property. Rent research will vary, but should include looking at the recently rented comparables according to size and type
  • Discuss with owners, the pros and cons of various policies such as accepting pets, allowing smoking and more
  • Install a lock box

Property Marketing

  • Prepare home for rent
  • Clean home and optimize interior appeal
  • Manicure landscaping for the purpose of increasing curb appeal
  • Create ads tailored to the property and advertising medium. Some of the mediums commonly used are:
  • Paid and free rental listing websites
  • Print publications
  • Signs
  • Multi Listing Services
  • Fliers
  • Work with other realtors and leasing agents to find a tenant
  • Field calls from prospects for questions and viewings
  • Meet prospective tenants for showings throughout the week or weekend
  • Provide prospective tenants with rental applications that are legally compliant with fair housing laws

Tenant Screening and Selection

  • Perform a background check to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, and more
  • Inform tenants who are turned down

Tenant Move In

  • Draw up leasing agreement
  • Confirm move in date with tenant
  • Review lease guidelines with tenant regarding things like rental payment terms and required property maintenance
  • Ensure all agreements have been properly executed
  • Perform detailed move in inspection with tenant and have tenants sign a report verifying the condition of the property prior to move-in
  • Collect first month’s rent and security deposit


  • File relevant paperwork to initiate and complete an unlawful detainer action
  • Represent owner in court
  • Coordinate with law enforcement to remove tenant and tenant’s possessions from unit

Tenant Move Out

  • Inspect unit and fill out a report on the property’s condition when the client moves out
  • Provide tenant with a copy, as well as estimated damages
  • Return the balance of the security deposit to the tenant
  • Forward any portion of the owner’s portion of the tenant deposit to the owner or hold in owner’s reserve for repairs
  • Clean unit and perform needed repairs or upgrades
  • Re-key the locks
  • Put the property back on the market for rent


  • Understand and abide by the latest local, state and federal legislation that apply to renting and maintaining rental properties


  • Perform periodic interior and exterior inspections based on a predefined schedule, looking for repair needs, safety hazards, code violations, lease violations, and more
  • Send owner periodic reports on the condition of the property


SingleSource takes maintenance very seriously. We understand the importance of following proper maintenance cycles and how not doing so can have a significant impact on cost controls. We adhere to strict daily preventative and cycle maintenance programs structured to stay within budget and to help avoid unexpected issues and related expenses. Our maintenance professionals are exclusively contracted by SingleSource Management, LLC and are well supervised and monitored.

Establishing strong relationships with property owners and tenants is a core competency at SingleSource. We are committed to staying aligned with the owners’ interests and business priorities, and to maintaining the highest standards when providing owners and tenants agreed upon maintenance.

Whether your property is a commercial office, a retail establishment, an industrial plant, residential apartments, or a standalone home, we will customize a maintenance program that meets your needs and adheres to our strict standards.

Commercial / Industrial

  • Provide and oversee an in-house maintenance crew
  • Establish a preventative maintenance policy and schedule to identify and deal with repair needs
  • Includes the monitoring of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and lighting systems
  • Provide a network of licensed, bonded and fully insured contractors who have been vetted for good pricing and good work that is up to code
  • Assign jobs to different parties (in-house employees, handyman and professional contractors) based on who will do the best job for the best price
  • Monitor and Manage janitorial/custodial staffs to ensure quality and efficiency
  • Maintain outdoor areas:
  • Leaf and snow removal
  • Landscaping
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Maintain and monitor a 24 hour emergency repair hot-line and provide services as necessary consistent with the agreement

Home Owners / Realtors / Residential Apartments

  • One Call for all maintenance needs
  • Quick Response and Resolution to all matters
  • Handyman services
  • Construction services including new construction, build-outs, and small jobs
  • 24/7 Availability for Emergency Repairs
  • Competitive Estimates for large projects
  • Experienced Professionals including Licensed Code Enforcement

Every day Maintenance for home owners could include services such as:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Roofing
  • HVAC
  • Painting

When owners have a problem and need it resolved right away, SingleSource will make that happen.


SingleSource offers a full range of construction services. Our construction specialists have years of residential, commercial and retail space build-out experience. We’ve established professional partnerships with a dedicated crew of carpenters, commercial roofers, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals. These long-term relationships allow us to ensure top quality work at a competitive price.
Larger Renovation or Rehab Projects:

  • Provide recommendations on how the project can maximize rental income
  • Prepare preliminary cost estimates
  • Get multiple, independent bids for the work
  • Act as general contractor, overseeing the work’s quality and completion

Summarized List of Services:

  • Commercial Roofing – Metal, Standing Seam
  • Carpentry – Framing and Installation
  • Painting – All Types of Commercial Coatings
  • Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC
  • Masonry – Interior & Exterior


SingleSource’s bookkeeping and accounting group helps to keep your property operating efficiently from a financial perspective. This allows you to focus on other business priorities. Let us worry about timely billing and rent collection, maximizing your return on investment. From collecting rent payments on your behalf to providing accurate financial records, SingleSource can alleviate the monthly tasks that take property owners so much time to handle on their own.

Rent collection

  • Receive rent
  • Hunt down late payments
  • Send out pay or quit notices
  • Enforce late fees


  • Provide accurate accounting of property management services and rent
  • Make payments on behalf of owner (Mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, and more)
  • Provide detailed documentation of expenses via invoices and receipts
  • Maintain all historical records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, and more)
  • Provide annual reporting, structured for tax purposes as well as required tax documents including a 1099 form
  • Advise owner on relevant tax deductions related to their rental property

Local Management Team

Frank Persuit
Property Management Professional
(412) 670-5978
Randy Morrow
Property First Responder & Scheduler
(724) 601-9953
Frank Persuit


Frank has been the President of SingleSource Management Services and its predecessor Company SMA Property Management since 2012. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business including daily operations. Prior to SingleSource, Frank served as the General Manager of Atlantic Asset Management and as the Facilities/Property Manager at Trinity Commercial Development since July 2009.  At Atlantic Asset Management, he managed all day-to-day operations of 4 retail centers, which included 180,000 sq. ft. of retail space and over 38 tenants such as Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Verizon, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Aldi, Rent a Center, and Radio Shack. Frank had oversight responsibilities for all aspects of leasing, maintenance, contracts, and accounting, and coordinated all build-out, repair, and preventative maintenance work for the tenants. Frank’s early career included almost 10 years of experience in the consumer goods industry working for Revsale Corporation, the parent company of Revlon Inc., in New York City. From September 1999 to December 2008, Frank held a number of positions with Revlon and managed over $81M in gross sales annually. Prior to Revsale, Frank was employed as a sales engineer at TeleTracking Technologies and worked in the online banking dept. of PNC Bank.
Frank is a 1994 graduate of The Ohio State University. As an experienced contractor, Frank has overseen numerous residential and commercial projects ranging from a residential re-paint to $200k retail build-out.

Randy Morrow
Property First Responder & Scheduler
(724) 601-9953
Randy D. Marrow


Randy has been working with SingleSource Management Services since January of 2015. He has been instrumental in his role of Property First Responder, working with Property Owners to determine the issues that confront them and how best to proceed. Additionally, he works with Tenants to schedule service repairs and installations.  Randy works with numerous municipalities and serves as the Code Officer in Beaver, Vanport, Industry Borough and Patterson Township, representing them in court for Property Maintenance as set by their respective Boards and Council.  Randy was a long time employee of Homer Laughlin. Retiring in 2008. He continues to work in key roles including being an Active Volunteer with Beaver Country Firefighter and Fire Police, First Responder in the township of Vanport, and Code Enforcement Training Officer in Patterson, Vanport, and Industry.

Randy and his wife Sharon along with their five children have lived and/or been raised in Beaver Country, PA.